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"The old dreams were good dreams; they didn't work out but I'm glad I had them."

- Robert James Waller, The Bridges of Madison County :house:


thanks for the inspiration! i couldn't get enough of all your talents. wish i were half as good. i am new here, am still finding my way around, am in the process of figuring out what to do... but let me start by admiring your pieces of art!

here's to waking up happy,




thank you TwilightPoetess for sending this to me. it's pretty and i will frame it. i don't know how else to express my gratitude.


i hope the first one hundred days of 2015 have been kind to everyone.

:bulletblue:  here is a journal page for pieces of art that might inspire you the way they inspire me. 
 thank you for taking the time to bask in their beauty.

handpicked updated version by cristinewakesuphappy



Would“Would you kill me if I needed you to?” I let the question loose and busied myself with the generator. I was pretty sure the carburetor was gummed up but I wouldn’t be sure until I took it apart. I didn’t want to look up and meet her eyes because I was a little afraid of what I would see.  I needed to know but wasn’t sure if I was ready for the answer. Her broom became silent as she realized what I had asked.
“Are you serious?”
“Yes. Of course I am.”
“I don’t want to talk about this.” I heard her broom resume its shuffle on the floor. I wasn’t sure if I should push the issue but I had to know.
“I’d kill you.” I said it simply, with a matter of fact tone that came out a little too casually, like it was something I had been contemplating. The fact was, though, I had. In this day and age, these simple mercies were something we might have to deal with. It wasn’t like we were in the te
UnsuretyI am uncomfortable with my reflection. I am also obsessed by it.
I am never sure what I will look like, why some days I feel handsome and some days ugly. It's not like my face changes, my nose bending strange, my lips becoming thinner, less full than they were yesterday. But I know Im less me than I was two days ago, more me than I will be tomorrow. Maybe the "those" that say the mirror is the window to the soul are right.
I never know what revelations will be revealed to me as I stare at myself, looking at the minute changes age wrings from my flesh. Each new wrinkle, each new crease tells its own story, a story that seems I had no hand in writing.
Some days I fancy I can see through my eyes beyond the reflection to the real world-
-The world that I long to be in.
I lean in close so that my eyes are the only thing I see, filling my vision with pupil and today's blue-green iris field. I stare so long, pondering, time slips away, a liquid thing, my outline blurring, fading like smoke, l
Picture ThisI drew myself yesterday,
All color and dark outlines,
That made me stand out more than I ever really could.
I put the picture on a wall,
Let the sun stain it with warmth and light,
Just so I could see
What it was like not to be so hollow and cold.
After a while, I took it down,
Tired of seeing how I could be
More in two dimensions
Than I am when my heart is beating in three

snippet6Of all the friends that have come and gone
I miss myself the most
All work owned by jas08 and may not be used without written permission.
GrowthI am memory,
Trying to reach into the spaces between the stars
To find remembrance
Only to find empty pockets, nothing pockets,
Of who I used to be,  
I am mutiny,
Striving to retain functions thought to be foolproof
As I fail to the fool, fall to the victor, myself and time,
Coming to accept this harlequin subjugation
The chronological subversion of age
I am sorrow,
Beacons of my happiness passing into their own horizons,
Their sun of possibilities dawning
As mine flares, a super nova shine
Cindering my heart to an aura stricken nebulae
I am placid,
Waiting to once again be attired in the shine of knight,  
This final coronation, the genealogy of ascension;
A unity of verses more beautiful and complete
Than any poem
LearningI want them to embrace me-
-Three thousand sixty seven shallow cuts
To bleed me dry,
To fade me into the gray wash
Of someone else's memory
I want them to end me-
-Thirteen deadly sins
To bring me to my knees
To become an apology
Of everything I have failed to be
I want them to find me-
-Two hundred six broken bones thrown
To roll me past who I have become
To understand the osteomantic future
Of a truth that is already known
W4-D6- HomeWe all know what “home” means. Even still, I looked up the definition and was surprised to see all the different entries, the adjective, noun, verb and adverb.
If we set aside the verb aspects, although, even those are really part of the same ideal, we can focus on one meaning.
For most of us, home is where we reside, our little space of refuge where we can be ourselves and not have to worry about disappointing anyone, or hiding our different sides, we can be complete.
Home can be further defined by where our loved ones are. For some of us, loved ones aren’t just blood relations or friends but things as well, such as our home town, or home team or home cooked meal. Taking all the different types of homes there are, those things can be combined to form a family, albeit in a non-traditional way; a family of our choosing and making, surrounding ourselves with all the various things we love
One thing I think we also should consider for our home is ourselves. Much like we

Vibrance by Eremitik

this feature is long overdue.
but we're here now - celebrating a sneak peek
of his creative "vibrance".
:bulletblue: previous feature:
(21) handpicked: Bark

:bulletblue: for your most :+fav: pieces of art, write me a note or link me to your own creations.
i might have been missing out on them and i would appreciate that you share them with me.



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
i do allow myself the luxury of dreaming

one day, life will be more than just getting by;
my art could take me somewhere nice;
i'll tend my own garden or farm
and live in my own house baking and decorating and enjoying the quiet.
and i will wake up happy (with you).


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